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What is SAS?

SAS is Statistical Analysis System, it was developed by SAS Institute for advanced analytics, multivariate analyses, business intelligence, data management, and predictive analytics, SAS was developed at North Carolina State University from 1960.

What is Clinical SAS?

Ans: Analyzing Clinical Data using SAS and which supports Safety & Efficacy of the drug by creating analysis datasets and reports.

Who are eligible to Join this course?

All life sciences students like Bachelor & Master in Biology, Microbiology, Biotech, M.B.B.S, Pharmacy, PhDs, Post- Docs… etc.

Need any software knowledge before joining Clinical SAS?

SAS is very easy and user friendly language, no need to have any computer or software knowledge to learn SAS, just need to know very basic knowledge like operating the computer/laptop.

Why only Clinical SAS?

Clinical SAS is ever green field, no layoffs, no market down, good career growth, Good pay, work from home opportunity and many more.

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Why SAS is best compared to other tools?

SAS is can do many jobs like Data extraction, Data Management, Data Analysis, and Data Reporting.

How many Steps are there in SAS?

It has two Steps 1. Data step, 2. Proc Step

What is the purpose of each step?

Data step is used for Data manipulation and Proc step is used for Analysis and Reporting.

Why you need to take training from us only?

Clear explanation about each topic, Daily practice, On time Classes, Weekly Assignments, Real time Scenarios, and Project work.

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